Student Life

Student Life at AUPP

At AUPP, student life is more than time in a classroom.  It is important that student learning and development are supported and  promoted inside and outside of the classroom.  In addition to rigorous academics, meaningful out-of-classroom learning opportunities further AUPP’s mission of developing critical thinkers and socially responsible leaders. Student involvement is a big part of the college experience and enhances learning and preparation for successful lives.

Clubs, Field Trips, Student Government and Service Projects

The student affairs staff and faculty members provide opportunities to enhance student life with student involvement.  AUPP offers a variety of clubs, service-learning projects (social responsibility), student government leadership opportunities, internships, field trips, and a speaker series to engage students in deep learning. Student-led clubs, programs, and service projects are highly encouraged and supported. Student involvement enables students to gain knowledge and new skills and abilities. Activities will take place in the AUPP Center for Student Involvement, on the AUPP Campus, and at off-campus locations.

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