Vision, Mission, and Values


American University of Phnom Penh will be a leading academic center of excellence in Cambodia, and Asia.


American University of Phnom Penh is a private, English language higher education institution in Cambodia. It offers high quality, American-style education, grounded in the culture of Cambodia and Asia, fostering socially responsible behavior, life-long learning, and academic and professional excellence to produce critical thinkers, innovators, and ethical leaders who will make significant contributions to the world.


To achieve its Vision and fulfill its Mission, American University of Phnom Penh values the following:

  • Academic Freedom – By upholding the spirit of free and critical thought and inquiry, by promoting understanding and tolerance of a diversity of beliefs and fostering the open exchange of ideas and knowledge;
  • Continuous Improvement and Accountability – By committing to continuous quality improvement through reflection and assessment; adherence to high standards, being efficient, effective, accountable and proactive, in its undertakings. AUPP is committed to democratic governance, transparent decision-making, and participation of stakeholders in the development of the institution;
  • Diversity, Equity and Cultural Heritage – By recognizing the contributions made collectively by diverse populations to the quality of university life and the global society. AUPP seeks to treat all individuals with dignity, fairness, tolerance and respect, appreciating diversity of concepts, opinions, customs, perspectives, traditions and experiences;
  • Excellence – Through its commitment to the highest standards of academic performance in its programs and services, and through the development of collaborative partnerships;
  • Leadership and Integrity – By upholding the highest professional and ethical standards;
  • Life-long Learning – By instilling this value in its graduates and providing opportunities for professional development in the community;
  • Social Responsibility – By preparing students to be responsible citizens to address today’s and future global challenges.
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