Bachelor of Science in
Civil Engineering

AUPP partners with University of Arizona to provide Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering. The UA award is Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering.

Program Description

The Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering is the practical application of scientific principles to construction. This program focuses on the common body knowledge in Civil Engineering which includes focus areas such as construction, structural, geotechnical, transportation, hydraulic and environmental engineering. In addition, concepts from coursework in General Education contribute to students’ preparation for a professional career by enhancing understanding of the world today and how people think and act in professional relationships.

Outside the Classroom

In addition to the class activities that provides civil engineering students the sense of real-world experience, students take internship to gain additional experience in their professional learning and growth. Civil engineering students joins with architecture students on study trip annually. Past trips have been to Singapore, Hong Kong and Taiwan. The study trips allow students to learn from well-known infrastructure while having fun. Students also have the opportunity to participate in student exchange programs in other countries with AUPP partner universities to take their study abroad.

Career Opportunities

Graduates from this program have the ability to think creatively and scientifically and solve complex program quickly. They work as engineers, consultants, supervisors and administrators for construction firms, water, power and gas companies, mining operations, land developers, manufacturers, transportation companies and local and state governments.

Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering

Program Structure Required Total Credits (128)
General Education 40
Civil Engineering Majors 73
Electives 15

Business Major Courses

Course Code Course Name
CE 210 Engineering Graphics (CAD)
CE 214 Statics
CE 215 Mechanics of Solids
CE 218 Mechanics of Fluids
CE 251 Elementary Surveying
CE 260 Computer Programing in Civil Engineering
CE 301 Engineering Communications
CE 303 Numerical Analysis for Civil Engineers
CE 310 Probability and Statistic in Civil Engineering
CE 323 Hydraulic Engineering and Design
CE 333 Elementary Structural Analysis
CE 334 Structural Design in Steel or Technical Elective
CE 335 Structural Design in Concrete Or Technical Elective
CE 343 Soil Mechanics
CE 363 Transport Engineering and Pavement Design
CE 381 Construction Eng. Management
CE 408A Issues in Civil Engineering Practice
CE 408B Civil Engineering Senior Capstone Design
CE 440 Foundation Engineering
ENGR 102A/102B/102 Introduction to Engineering
ENGR 211I Engineering Science Module – Dynamics
ENGR 211P Engineering Science Module – Engineering economics
MATH 122A/B OR 125 Calculus I with Engineering Applications
MATH 129 Calculus II
MATH 223 Vector Calculus
MATH 254 Introduction to Ordinary Differential Equations
SMNR 101E Engineering Seminars
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