Bachelor of Arts in

AUPP offers Bachelor of Art in Law in single degree program and dual degree program with the University of Arizona (UA). The UA award is Bachelor of Art, Law.

Program Description

The Bachelor of Arts in Law prepares graduates to have broad legal knowledge and skills for career in the legal profession or admission for LLM and JD programs around the world. For AUPP’s law dual degree program, students learn comparative law such as Cambodian, U.S and International law. They also focus on legal research and writing, how to think like a lawyer in commercial law, civil law, criminal law and learn practical lawyering skills.

Outside the Classroom

As part of the professional learning and growth, students compete in various competitions to express their intellectual, analytical and core knowledge of law.

As part of the professional learning and growth, students have the opportunity to compete in various competitions such as the Jessup International Law Moot Court Competition to express their intellectual, analytical and core knowledge of law. Students also have the opportunity to participate in student exchange programs in other countries with AUPP partner universities to take their study abroad.

Career Opportunities

Student enrolled in the Bachelor of Arts in Law program are expected to develop core competencies in the areas of knowledge, analysis, cultural sensitivity and professionalism. The Bachelor of Arts in Law program prepares graduates for success in careers in private firms, legal departments, NGOs, IGOs or government. With the dual degree program with University of Arizona, graduates can complete their JD program in UA in just two years period.

Bachelor of Arts in Law

Program Structure Required Total Credits (124)
General Education 61
Law Major 63

Law core courses

Course Code Course Name
LEGL 201 Legal Writing/Research  I
LEGL 230 Environmental Law
LEGL 261 Cambodian Civil Code I
LEGL 310 Legal Ethics
LEGL 332 Cambodian Criminal Law and Procedure
LEGL 340 Labor Law
LEGL 360 Southeast Asia Law and Legal Systems
LEGL 361 Cambodian Civil Code II
LEGL 415 Commercial Enterprises
LEGL 450 Intellectual Property
INTS 400 Internship
LAW 401 Procedure
LAW 402A The American Common Law System I
LAW 402B The American Common Law System II
LAW 404 The American Public Law System
LAW 407 Legal Analysis, Writing and Research

Feature courses

LEGL 201 – Legal Research and Writing:

Acquire the crucial legal skills of how to research the law, reading and analyzing legal authority, analyzing legal documents, legal citation, and how to write persuasive legal briefs and memos


LEGL 332 – Cambodian Criminal Law and Procedure:

Examines the traditional general issues in substantive criminal law including the purposes of punishment and appropriate limits on the use of criminal sanctions.  The course focuses predominantly on how criminal statutes are organized around objective offence elements and mental states, and inchoate crimes, complicity, justification and excuse.  The content also covers procedures involving arrest, detention, prosecution, trial, and appeal, and explains the rights of the defendants at all levels of criminal proceedings.  The role of the attorney at the appeal stages of criminal proceedings is also examined as well as what constitutes relevant and admissible evidence.


LEGL 360 – Southeast Asian Law and Legal Systems:

Study the fundamental features of the legal systems of ASEAN member nations, compare aspects of these legal systems with those of Western nations, and examine how historical, cultural and political factors influence how legal systems develop.  How different legal systems affect government decision making and international business transactions is also explored.


LEGL 415 – Commercial Enterprise:
Learn about the different legal entities that do business – the different types of commercial enterprises and corporations — and how they are created.  You will examine the roles and responsibilities of shareholders, directors and officers of a company, and understand the requirements for articles of incorporation.

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